Total VPN – users reviews

In this guidance, we will clarify the main options of total vpn installationinstructions and setup.

Total VPN availability

Total VPN is an innovative application that is rather compatible with a lot of operative systems. Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS are ready to cover up the app. It should be mentioned that this app is easy to run and install as well. Downloading and executing the file is all that is required from users. To log in you need to input the email address and a password.

As a key benefit, you aren’t required to run the registration if you are installing a free VPN. The app is available on a desktop and mobile as well. It is considered to be easy to navigate the interface. All the information and the list of servers are contained on the homepage of the app. The list of servers is limited only for a free version. The paid version provides a well-stocked package, one of which is a protocol selection to a specific server on a startup. You can straightforwardly turn on and off messages from the company. In that case, getting rid of ads quickly is positive for users.

Advantages of using Total VPN

  • Available free version
  • Easy to setup
  • Simple in use
  • Compatible with major operative systems
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to navigate the list of servers
  • Available for a desktop and mobile
  • Limitless possibilities of paid Total VPN
  • High speed

Disadvantages of the application

  • Free Total VPN requires limits for a list of servers
  • No Netflix access
  • You have to wait for an hour for a customer support
  • A low number of servers for online shopping

Why you should buy Total VPN

This application is the fastest one in the network market. It applies high-speed connections to operative systems. In that case, it is a key benefit for online gamers. This is an excellent option for newcomers as it requires a free variant without logging. On the contrary, experienced users will prefer the paid variant, but they won’t be satisfied with a private policy.

Total VPN is considered to be available and simple for all users. Moreover, the installation process is easy and requires several options:

  • Download the app
  • Enter your email address
  • Login with password
  • Complete the installation
  • Connect the homepage of the app to choose a server

Total VPN provides you with advanced anonymity of streaming, protection of your data, and personal information. What’s more, your IP addresses are successfully hidden on the network. This app also protects your info from hackers. This is applied effectively because of the great selection of encryption protocols, containing OpenVPN as the best one. As for privacy, the app has a legal obligation because it was established in the UK. Total VPN doesn’t track the sites you are visiting but logs of your IP addresses and data are recorded. Overall, if you are looking for a simple application with easy installation and navigation, fast speeds, and available protective options — Total VPN is just what you need.