Avira free antivirus review

Avira Antivir is a free antivirus program designed for private use, but rather for home PCs. Its advantage over other competitors is that it is a well-established mechanism for detecting polymorphic viruses and macro viruses that are not yet known and are not in the virus database. The anti-virus has a permanent system monitoring mode, which increases the chances of detecting a virus at the stage of an attempt to penetrate the system. In 2019, a comprehensive version of the antivirus appeared. And although this is a free option, Avira free antivirus review has its own peculiar properties.

Advantages and properties of antivirus

Avira free antivirus has in its database of viruses more than 150 thousand copies, which it successfully detects and removes. The software also receives data on the activity of certain viruses, the virus database can be replenished via the Internet.

The main features of the German anti-virus suggest a number of properties and advantages that make your computer safe and secure:

  • large database of viruses: more than 150 thousand species
  • the resident module Virus Guard automatically scans files with which any actions are performed, such as copying, downloading from the Internet, etc.
  • an excellent mechanism for searching for macro viruses and treating their damaged files
  • protection from dial-up programs
  • protection against viruses, trojans, worms and other malware
  • ability to customize the work schedule
  • regular update
  • clear interface and easy operation, with settings

Thus, it is an easy, free program that even a beginner can handle. In addition to the free version for home use, there are paid versions that are intended for use on servers or paid professional versions with additional features, such as automatic email checking or the ability to work in DOS.

Avira Free Security Suite 2019 what’s new

The latest version of the antivirus has added support for systems that do not have a universal C language runtime installed.

As before, Avira provides basic protection against any malicious programs, viruses, and rootkits. The program provides protection at several levels:

  • Antivirus and antispyware. Scanning for such programs occurs in real time. Used eristic technology AHEAD. Regular automatic updates reliably protect against known and new threats.
  • Cloud protection. The program scans your PC for threats in real time using the Avira Protection Cloud technology.
  • Protection against rootkits. Protection at this level is provided by the appropriate option.
  • Firewall Management Windows. You can manage Windows Firewall settings with Avira. In real time, you can change the system settings and network rules.
  • Internet protection. Avira Browser Safety tool allows you to work with the Internet easily and without difficulty. To do this, it is enough to install this plugin in the right browser and forget about phishing and hacker attacks.
  • Avira Free SocialShield even allows you to control Facebook accounts. This may be particularly suspicious parents, or it may be necessary for the user himself in order for his data to be in order and in protection.


Avira is an antivirus for German standards, which means that this program is precisely characterized by functionality, accuracy, and quality. Security software provides protection at several levels. At the same time, the program is regularly updated, along with virus databases. Avira protects the user at all levels: in-home PC use, in work on the Internet and even in social networks.

In addition, there is even a mobile version of the antivirus specifically for Android. As in the case of the PC version, the mobile version also effectively protects the device from any malware.

It is worth noting that this antivirus has been confidently held in the tops of the best antiviruses for several years according to users and experts. This means that the reliability of Avira is not an advertising move or goal, but a confirmed fact.